How To Get The Most Out of Linkedin

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Nov 12

Today, LinkedIn serves over 259 million members, earning it a spot as one of the most popular social media networks worldwide. If your small businesses has yet to join the site, you could be missing out on business opportunities. With an account, you can:

  • Create business connections
  • Recruit employees
  • Join professional conversations
  • Advertise
  • Build your credibility

If you’re ready to join millions of other members on this professional platform, continue reading to learn how to reap all these benefits.

Setting Up Your Profile


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Before you can set up your company page for your small business, you must create a personal page. Start at and follow the instructions on the home page for registering.

Next, make sure that you’ve met the requirements for adding a company page. You’ll need to have a company email address that’s confirmed on your LinkedIn account and show that you’re a current employee by adding the experience to your profile.

Once you’ve met these requirements, find “Interests” at the top of the page, and then click on “Companies” in the drop-down menu.


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At the top right-hand corner, click “Add a Company,” and then follow the instructions for creating your company page.


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Tips For Creating a Killer Profile

  1. Write a compelling summary of your business.
  2. List your products on the Products and Services tab with the most important first.
  3. Include a captivating cover photo.
  4. Invite customers to recommend your business and encourage employees to connect with your business’s page.
  5. Add a careers page if you’re looking to recruit employees.
  6. Publish important updates to keep your profile interesting.

Creating Connections


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Creating connections is easy. One way to create a connection is to directly connect to people on their page by clicking “Connect” on their profile. Once they approve this connection, you can share links, endorse each other, and more. If people want to connect with you, simply accept their invite in your messages.

You can also connect with other companies professionally by following their pages. To do this, simply use the search bar at the top to find their page, and then click “Follow” to start receiving their updates.


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Perhaps one of the best ways to network on LinkedIn is to join or create groups. However, only LinkedIn members can join groups, and a company page is not considered a member page. If you still want to create connections by joining groups or discussions, this is a great opportunity for PR personnel to join conversations with people in your business’s niche, where they can help point people to your company page and your services.

Tips for Creating Connections

  1. Encourage your customers to follow your page.
  2. Ask employees to connect with your page on their personal profiles.
  3. Make connections that count by focusing on your niche.

Building Engagement

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After you make connections, it’s important to engage with these people and businesses to make your connections valuable. There’s no one way to build engagement, but you might consider using the following tips in your strategy.

  1. Create a presence. Setting up an account and connecting with people isn’t going to do anything for your engagement. Show people you’re there by sharing updates, joining in group conversations, and monitoring your activity.
  2. Market yourself. Don’t be afraid to share your blog posts, ebooks, and other content on your updates to get people interacting with you.
  3. Get your employees involved. Ask them to join in conversations, share news, and actively grow their network.
  4. Ask for customer recommendations. You already know that customers can do a lot for you on LinkedIn, but their recommendations can also help keep conversations going, encourage others to consider your product, and influence community engagement.
  5. Advertise. With LinkedIn ads, you can easily target the proper audience to help foster connections and improve brand awareness.

Advertising on LinkedIn


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Advertising on LinkedIn is a wonderful option for businesses looking to target other professionals. For example, if you sell products or services that benefit other business owners, LinkedIn is the place to advertise to reach your target audience. Plus, visitors on partner sites can also see your ads.

But how exactly do you advertise on LinkedIn? Before you set up your ads, you’ll want to plan them out by considering a few things. First, keep in mind the different aspects of a LinkedIn ad:

  1. Headline
  2. Ad Copy
  3. Destination URL
  4. Photo

Before you design your LinkedIn ad, decide what landing pages you want to advertise and who your target audience is. You’ll also want to set a budget for your campaign at this time.

Next, brainstorm ideas on how you’ll present your destination URL. What headline will capture your audience’s attention? What do you have to say and how will you say it in just a 75-character ad copy? What kind of picture can you use to both represent your idea and capture your audience’s attention? Keep in mind you can use 15 different ad variations for each campaign, so you can always test out different ideas. If you need more ideas, research other LinkedIn ads.


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To design your ads, start here and follow the instructions. Once your campaign goes live, you can track your success on your LinkedIn ads analytics page.

Tips for Advertising

  1. Keep your headline, ad copy, and photo relevant to the destination URL.
  2. Begin with three ad variations for testing instead of the full 15 to really help measure the most successful option.
  3. Narrow your target audience to make your ads more useful.

Additional Tips

  1. Remember to use keywords in your profile, products page, and advertisements.
  2. Make your profile more interesting by adding videos, slide shows, and other graphics or documents.
  3. Don’t settle with LinkedIn’s automatic messages when making a connection, but make your connection more personal by customizing the text.
  4. Remember to proofread your profile, advertisements, and updates before they go live to maintain a professional appearance.
  5. Set a custom profile URL by going to Edit Profile > Manage Public Profile Settings > Customize Your Public Profile URL.

LinkedIn is a spectacular platform for making business connections and getting your name out, so consider joining the 259 million other members to discover these benefits.


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